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Koala Sofa Review

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to update your living room, you can’t go past the Koala 3 Seater Sofa and Ottoman. From ordering to putting it together, the process couldn’t have been easier. Keep reading for a comprehensive review of the Koala Sofa & Ottoman.

Who is Koala?

No, we’re not buying koalas and koalas aren’t slaving away in a factory. Koala is an Australian company that makes furniture for the digital age. They make life simple for you because it’s easy to buy, easy to try (120 night trial!) and if you really need to, easy to return their products. They started off with the humble mattress and their range has expanded to now include pillows, doonas, sheets, bed frames, bookshelves, tv units, sofas and sofa beds.


The Koala website is super easy to navigate – just head straight to the Living Room section to select the Koala Sofa. There are two colour options you can choose from – Brushtail Grey or Bonnie Doon Blue. We decided on the Bonnie Doon Blue because as much as we love grey, a colour injection was what we needed in our house.

There is also the option of a 2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa or Ottoman. This is great as the 2 Seater suits a smaller lounge room, particularly those living in units. The 3 Seater is great for the larger room and adding on the Ottoman adds a level of flexibility as you can even use the Ottoman as a coffee table. For the complete family room, you can purchase all 3. There’s also detailed dimensions available on their website, so you can be sure that the combination you choose will be able to fit in your room.

Koala 3 seater sofa, top view line art.
3 Seater Sofa dimensions diagram (from the Koala website)


Koala offers free 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. For other areas, it might not be the quick 4 hour delivery but it is still fast and free. I ordered at night was quite amazed that I could have my furniture delivered the very next day! There are 3 delivery windows available between 10am and 8pm you can choose from each weekday. If those options don’t work for you, you can have your sofa delivered on a Saturday for a $70 fee.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll have problems getting the sofa into your house don’t worry, it’s a valid concern. I remember when we were in an apartment, we had to use a rope and pulley system to lift our couches over the balcony and into the apartment because it wouldn’t fit in the lift or through the stairs. The Koala 3 Seater Sofa comes in three boxes so you shouldn’t have any difficulties fitting them through doorways or in a lift. The Koala Ottoman comes in its own box. I loved how I received updates about delivery – I could even track the delivery truck to my house! Definitely made it so much easier than having to hang around the house all day wondering if my delivery would arrive.

I forgot to take a photo of the boxes but here’s a boomerang I did 🙈

Assembling the Koala Sofa & Ottoman

The most amazing thing about assembling the Koala Sofa and Ottoman is that you don’t need any tools! No screwdrivers or annoying Allen keys or hex keys. Assembly is so easy, even the kids could do it! The screw pieces are fitted with an inbuilt handle so you can easily attach the back and armrests to the base of the sofa.

This is what the screw pieces look like

There’s nifty little zip sections in the base of the sofa where the legs and screw pieces are stored. Once you find those, it’s simple to put the sofa together.

The legs are hidden in a zipper compartment in the base of the ottoman – similar compartments in the base of the sofa

Koala, Sustainability & Sea Turtles

One of Koala’s main selling points for me is their commitment to sustainability. They have an ethical supply chain with visits to production facilities and suppliers to assess their practices. The wood used for all their furniture is PEFC or FSC certified which means that it is sourced from sustainable forests. Thy also do extensive testing to ensure that there are no heavy metals, carcinogens or volatile chemicals in their products – perfect if you’re trying to live a low-tox life.

Now you may be wondering what Sea Turtles have to do with Koala. Well, Koala is partnering with WWF-Australia, the Queensland Government and the University of Queensland to undertake research to help save marine turtles. With every Koala sofa you buy, you also make a symbolic turtle adoption. And here’s something my kids loved – you’ll find your very own turtle plushie in your sofa.

The cutest sea turtle ever!

Styling the Koala Sofa

So now you have a great new sofa in your living room, but it’s still not looking as fab as you imagined? This is where some styling comes in! I’ll be doing a more detailed post on how to style your brand new Koala Sofa, so stay tuned!

The Verdict on the Koala Sofa

In short, amazing! My husband has a keen eye for interior design and he was very impressed by the quality and style of the Koala Sofa and Ottoman. We may well be purchasing the 2 Seater Sofa soon and moving the lounge set to our main family area. The whole process from ordering, delivery to assembly was so easy and stress free. If you’re looking for an affordable way to furnish your home and want to support an ethical company, you can’t go past Koala. We hardly ever used the spare living room, but now that we have the Koala Sofa there, it’s our favourite space to relax as a family without the distraction of a tv!

Do you have any Koala products? Let me know what you think of them below!

** Please note: The Koala 3 Seater Sofa and Ottoman was gifted to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are my own **

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