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Top Tips for Relocating Homes with Children

So, we know how stressful moving houses can be, and we know how stressful kids can get, now put them together and you can end up with one big ball of stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Having a plan can easily relive a lot of the pressure of moving houses with munchkins running about. Here are my top tips for moving houses with kids!

Make packing fun!

The kids will be so much easier to manage if they’re entertained! But let’s be smart about this… if only there were a way to entertain the kids whilst they’re actually being a big help! If you can turn packing into a game, such as, ‘whoever packs the fastest wins!’ then you’re not only making it less stressful to entertain the kids, but the little ones will also be helping and more importantly, they will feel included and in control.

Be honest

Sugar coating things for our kids is just something we do as caring mums. Change as big as moving homes, away from their old room and memories, can really stress them out. But, moving is just not something you can hide. It is really important to keep the little ones in the loop with everything from the very start – you’ll be surprised at how much your child can understand. And when it comes to moving day the kids will feel a lot more at ease.

You’re not alone

We often think we will be able to handle the whole moving process alone. Maybe even more so now with all the social distancing requirements. The truth is, it’s just not realistic. Getting help from a removalist can make the process a breeze. Hire a Mover have the professionalism and expertise to take charge of your move. They have competitive rates with no hidden fees, they are fully insured in case any issues arise, and they are available 7 days a week. By hiring professionals this means you do not have to juggle your family and their needs while stressing about potential breakages or forgetting something. The staff at Hire A Mover do this every day and can take that stress away while you enjoy this exciting new time with your family!

Prioritise setting up the kid’s rooms

By prioritising and setting up you kid’s room asap, it will make them more familiar with their surroundings making them more comfortable sooner. Unpack their favourite toys, blankets, books, and anything that will make them feel more at home. Make it fun, join in and unpack together emphasizing the excitement of their new space.

Celebrate your new home

After all the stress and hard work of moving it can be easy to forget how exciting it all is! It really is a big deal and you and your family should take a second to make the most of it. Now that you have your belongings taken care of and your new house is your new home, make sure to celebrate looking forward to all the good times ahead!

This post is in collaboration with Professional Removalist Company – Hire A Mover & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.

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